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The Chronography of 354 AD. Part 5: Signs of the Zodiac. MGH p.47.

   [Illustrations are lost]      
[Images of the 12 signs here]
ARI. CAN.         LIB. CAP.
In his signis tropicis luna cum erit, nummos mutuos dare vel accipere, testamentum facere, telam ordiri, lanas lavare, pecora castrare, conductum facere, migrare utile.
[When the moon is in these tropic signs, it is advantageous to lend or borrow money, to make a will, to begin weaving, to wash wool, to geld livestock, or to make a contract.]
TAV. LEO.         SCO. AQV.
In his signis solidis luna cum erit, beneficium petere, cum potente colloqui, rationem reddere, instrumenta conficere, pueros puellas in disciplina mittere, fundamenta ponere, arbores inscrere, propagines facere, vites deprimere, terram proscindere, serere, metere utile est.
[When the moon is in these unbroken signs, it is advantageous to seek a gift, to talk with the powerful, to render an account, to collect tools, to send boys and girls for instruction, to lay foundations, to plant trees, to make cuttings, to sow, or to reap.]
GEM. VIR.         SA. PIS.
In his signis duplicibus luna cum erit, viam navigium ingredi, navem in aquam deducere, olivam legere, vindemiam facere, calcem carbonem coquere, vina diffundere, barbam capillos facere utile est.
[When the moon is in these duplex signs, it is advantageous to begin a journey by ship, to launch a ship, to pick olives, to gather grapes, to make charcoal, to hand round wine, to comb the beard.]

Notes to the online edition

This page is lost from all the illuminated copies, together with the image of January which was on the other side.  However the text had been preserved in the St. Gall manuscript.

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