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The Chronography of 354 AD. Part 11: Commemorations of the Bishops of Rome from AD 255 to AD 352.  MGH Chronica Minora I (1892), pp.70.


 V f. 46 contd.              
  VI kal. Ianuarias Dionisi, in Callisti   † 269 
    III kal. Ianuar. Felicis, in Callisti   † 274
    prid. kal. Ianuar. Silvestri, in Priscillae   † 335
    IIII idus Ianuarias Miltiadis, in Callisti   † 314
    XVIII kal. Feb. Marcellini, in Priscillae   † 304
  III non. Mar. Luci, in Callisti   † 255
  X kal. Mai. Gai, in Callisti   † 296
  IIII non. Augustas Stephani, in Callisti   † 255
  VI kal. Octob. Eusebii, in Callisti   † 310/311
  VI idus Decemb. Eutychniani, in Callisti   † 283
  non. Octob. Marci, in Balbinae   † 336
  prid. idus Apr. Iuli, in via Aurelia miliario III, in Callisti   † 352

Notes to the online edition

This table indicates the dates each year on which the Roman church celebrated the ordination of its previous bishops.  Note that the last two seem to have been added later, as they are in chronological order of year rather than in the sequence of the year.  Mommsen suggests that this is evidence of an earlier recension of at least some of the material of the Chronography, perhaps around 335 or a  little later.  This text is found in the Brussells (B), Vienna (V) and Amiens (G) manuscripts.

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