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Evagrius Scholasticus, Ecclesiastical History (AD431-594), translated by E. Walford (1846).  The Table of Contents

The Table of Contents

THE HISTORY.--BOOK I. Pages 1-42.

PREFACE. --Design of the work 1
CHAPTER I. Artifice by which the devil attempts to subvert the purity of the faith 2
Chap. II. Heresy of Nestorius discovered and condemned 4
Chap. III. Letter from Cyril to Nestorius.--Council of Ephesus 6
Chap. IV. Deposition of Nestorius 7
Chap. V. Deposition of Cyril and of John.--Their reconciliation 9
Chap. VI. Cyril's eulogy of a letter from John of Antioch 10
Chap. VII. Death of Nestorius 11
Chap. VIII. Succession of bishops at Constantinople 18
Chap. IX. Heresy of Eutyches 18
Chap. X. Proceedings of the second council of Ephesus 19
Chap. XI. An apology for differences of opinion among Christians 20
Chap. XII. Condemnation of the Nestorian doctrine by Theodosius 23
Chap. XIII. Simeon the Stylite 24
Chap. XIV. Description of the appearance of a star near the column of Simeon 28
Chap. XV. Isidore of Pelusium and Synesius of Cyrene  30
Chap. XVI. Translation of the remains of Ignatius 31
Chap. XVII. Attila king of the Huns.--Earthquakes  33
Chap. XVIII. Antioch embellished by different governors 34
Chap. XIX. Wars during the reign of Theodosius 35
Chap. XX. The empress Eudocia 36
Chap. XXI. Visits of Eudocia to Jerusalem.--Ascetics 37
Chap. XXII. Buildings erected by Eudocia.--Accession of Marcian 42



THE HISTORY.--BOOK II. Pages 43-118.

CHAPTER I. Fortunes and character of Marcian 43
Chap. II. Council of Chalcedon summoned by Marcian 46
Chap. III. Description of the Church of St. Euphemia 48
Chap. IV. Council of Chalcedon 51
Chap. V. Tumult at Alexandria--and at Jerusalem 63
Chap. VI. Drought, famine, and pestilence in Asia Minor 67
Chap. VII. Death of the emperor Valentinian.--Rome taken.--Successors of Valentinian 67
Chap. VIII. Death of the emperor Marcian.--Murder of Proterius, Bishop of Alexandria.
--Election of Timothy, surnamed Aelurus (the Cat)
Chap. IX. Letter from the emperor Leo 75
Chap. X. Replies of the bishops.--And of Simeon 77
Chap. XI. Punishment of Timothy 79
Chap. XII. Earthquake at Antioch 80
Chap. XIII. Conflagration at Constantinople 81
Chap. XIV. Other public calamities 83
Chap. XV. Marriage of Zeno and Ariadne 84
Chap. XVI. Reign of Anthemius--of Olybrius--and other Western princes 84
Chap. XVII. Death of the emperor Leo 85
Chap. XVIII. Epitome of the acts of the council of Chalcedon 86


THE HISTORY.--BOOK III. Pages 119-188.

CHAPTER I. Character of the emperor Zeno 119
Chap. II. Incursions of the barbarians 120
Chap. III. Insurrection of Basiliscus.--Flight of Zeno 121
Chap. IV. Circular of Basiliscus 121
Chap. V. Reception of the circular 126
Chap. VI. Proceedings of Timothy Aelurus 128
Chap. VII. Counter circular of Basiliscus 129
Chap. VIII. Restoration of Zeno 131
Chap. IX. Epistle of the Asiatic bishops to Acacius 132
Chap. X. Succession of bishops at Antioch 133
Chap. XI. Succession of bishops at Alexandria 134
Chap. XII. Ecclesiastical measures of Zeno 134
Chap. XIII. Publication of the Henoticon of Zeno 135
Chap. XIV. The Henoticon (Instrument of Union) 136
Chap. XV. Correspondence between Simplicius and Zeno 140
Chap. XVI. Deposition of Calandion, and restoration of Peter the Fuller 140
Chap. XVII. Letter from Peter to Acacius 141
Chap. XVIII. Felix issues a sentence of deposition against Acacius 144
Chap. XIX. Interference of Cyril the Monk 145
Chap. XX. Correspondence between Felix and Zeno 145
Chap. XXI. Accusation of the legates by Simeon the monk, and their consequent deprivation 147
Chap. XXII. Commotion at Alexandria on account of the council of Chalcedon  149
Chap. XXIII. Succession of bishops at Constantinople, Alexandria, and Antioch 150
Chap. XXIV. Death of Armatus 151
Chap. XXV. Insurrection and death of Theodoric 152
Chap. XXVI. Insurrection of Marcian 153
Chap. XXVII. Insurrection of Illus and Leontius 154
Chap. XXVIII. Account of Mammianus and his structures 155
Chap. XXIX. Death of Zeno.--Succession of Anastasius 156
Chap. XXX. Divisions in the church 157
Chap. XXXI. Letter to Alcison from the monks of Palestine  159
Chap. XXXII. Ejection of Macedonius and Flavian from their sees  163
Chap. XXXIII. Severus, bishop of Antioch 165
Chap. XXXIV. Act of deposition against Severus 168
Chap. XXXV. Suppression of the Isaurian insurrection 170
Chap. XXXVI. Invasion of the Arabs 171
Chap. XXXVII. Capture of Amida.-- Founding of Daras 171
Chap. XXXVIII. The Long Wall 172
Chap. XXXIX. Abolition of the Chrysargyrum 173
Chap. XL. Falsehoods of the historian Zosimus 176
Chap. XLI. Refutation of Zosimus 177
Chap. XLII. The Gold-Rate 184
Chap. XLIII. Insurrection of Vitalian 185
Chap. XLIV. Sedition at Constantinople 186


THE HISTORY.--BOOK IV. Pages 189-244.

CHAPTER I. Accession of Justin 189
Chap. II. Designs and death of Amantius and Theocritus 189
Chap. III. Assassination of Vitalian 190
Chap. IV. Deposition of Severus, bishop of Antioch.--Succession of Paul and Euphrasius 191
Chap. V. Fires and earthquakes at Antioch.--Death of Euphrasius 192
Chap. VI. Elevation of Ephraemius, count of the East, to the patriarchate of Antioch 193
Chap. VII. Miracles of Zosimus and John 194
Chap. VIII. General calamities 197
Chap. IX. Appointment of Justinian to a share in the empire 198
Chap. X. The council of Chalcedon upheld by Justinian 199
Chap. XI. Deposition of Anthimus and Theodosius from their sees 200
Chap. XII. Cabades and Chosroes, kings of Persia 201
Chap. XIII. Incursion of the Arabs.--Sedition at Constantinople 202
Chap. XIV. Persecution by Huneric 203
Chap. XV. Cabaones the Moor 204
Chap. XVI. Expedition of Belisarius against the Vandals 206
Chap. XVII. Triumph of Belisarius 208
Chap. XVIII. Origin of the Moors.--Munificence of Justinian in Africa 209
Chap. XIX. Events following the death of Theodoric 210
Chap. XX. Conversion of the Heruli 212
Chap. XXI. Loss and recovery of Rome 212
Chap. XXII. Conversion of the Abasgi 213
Chap. XXIII. Conversion of the people on the Tanais.--Earthquakes 213
Chap. XXIV. Achievements and piety of Narses 214
Chap. XXV. Invasion of the Persians. -- Capture of Antioch 215
Chap. XXVI. Display of the wood of the cross at Apamea 217
Chap. XXVII. Siege of Edessa by Chosroes 218
Chap. XXVIII. Miracle at Sergiopolis 221
Chap. XXIX. Pestilence  223
Chap. XXX. Avarice of Justinian 226
Chap. XXXI. Description of the church of St. Sophia at Constantinople 227
Chap. XXXII. Partiality of Justinian for the Blue faction 229
Chap. XXXIII. Barsanuphius the ascetic 230
Chap. XXXIV. Simeon the monk 231
Chap. XXXV. Thomas the monk 233
Chap. XXXVI. Account of a miracle in the patriarchate of Menas 235
Chap. XXXVII. Succession of bishops 236
Chap. XXXVIII. The fifth general council 237
Chap. XXXIX. Departure of Justinian from orthodoxy 241
Chap. XL. Anastasius, patriarch of Antioch 242
Chap. XLI. Death of Justinian 244


THE HISTORY.--BOOK V. Pages 245-283.

CHAPTER I. Accession of Justin the Second 245
Chap. II. Murder of Justin, kinsman of the emperor 247
Chap. III. Execution of Aetherius and Addaeus 248
Chap. IV. Edict of Justin concerning the faith 249
Chap. V. Deposition of Anastasius, patriarch of Antioch 254
Chap. VI. Gregory, the successor of Anastasius 254
Chap. VII. Submission of the inhabitants of Persarmenia 256
Chap. VIII. Siege of Nisibis by Marcian 258
Chap. IX. Invasion of the Persians 258
Chap. X. Capture of Apamea and Daras 262
Chap. XI. Insanity of Justin 263
Chap. XII. Embassy of Trajan to Chosroes 264
Chap. XIII. Proclamation of Tiberius.--His character 265
Chap. XIV. Successes of the Roman commander Justinian against the Persians 267
Chap. XV. Death of Chosroes.--Succession of Hormisdas 270
Chap. XVI. Succession of bishops 271
Chap. XVII. Earthquake at Antioch 271
Chap. XVIII. Commotion on account of Anatolius 272
Chap. XIX. Character and achievements of Maurice 275
Chap. XX. Overthrow of the Persians 277
Chap. XXI. Prodigies foreshewing the elevation of Maurice to the empire 278
Chap. XXII. Accession of Maurice 279
Chap. XXIII. Chronological statement 280
Chap. XXIV. Succession of writers on sacred and profane history 281


THE HISTORY.--BOOK VI. Pages 284-314.

CHAPTER I. Nuptials of Maurice and Augusta 284
Chap. II. Alamundarus the Arab, and his son Naamanes 286
Chap. III. Military operations of John and Philippicus 287
Chap. IV. Mutiny of the troops against Priscus 288
Chap. V. Compulsory elevation of Germanus 289
Chap. VI. Mission of Philippicus 290
Chap. VII. Accusations against Gregory, patriarch of Antioch 290
Chap. VIII. Recurrence of earthquakes at Antioch 292
Chap. IX. Inroad and destruction of the barbarians 294
Chap. X. Clemency of the emperor towards the rebels.--Invasion of the Avars 295
Chap. XI. Mission of the patriarch Gregory to the troops 295
Chap. XII. Oration of Gregory to the troops 296
Chap. XIII. Submission of the troops 299
Chap. XIV. Loss of Martyropolis 300
Chap. XV. Capture of Ocbas 302
Chap. XVI. Murder of Hormisdas 303
Chap. XVII. Flight of Chosroes the younger 304
Chap. XVIII. Mission of Gregory and Domitian to meet Chosroes 305
Chap. XIX. Restoration of Chosroes 305
Chap. XX. Golanduch the martyr 306
Chap. XXI. Offerings of Chosroes 306
Chap. XXII. Naamanes the Arab 310
Chap. XXIII. Simeon the Stylite the younger 311
Chap. XXIV. Death of the patriarch Gregory 313


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