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The Philocalia of Origen (1911). Advertisements



The Ante-Nicene Christian Library. A Collection of all the Works of the Fathers of the Christian Church prior to the Council of Nicaea. Edited by the Rev. Professor ROBERTS, D.D., and Principal JAMES DONALDSON, LL.D., St. Andrews. In Twenty-four handsome 8vo Volumes, Subscription Price £6, 6s. net; or a selection of Four Volumes for £1, 1s. net.

Any Volume may be had separately, price 10s. 6d.

This Series has been received with marked approval by all sections of the Christian Church in this country and in the United States, as supplying what has long been felt to be a want, and also on account of the impartiality, learning, and care with which Editors and Translators have executed a very difficult task.

The following Works are included in the Series:----

Apostolic Fathers, comprising Clement's Epistle to the Corinthians; Polycarp to the Ephesians; Martyrdom of Polycarp; Epistle of Barnabas; Epistles of Ignatius (longer and shorter, and also the Syriac Version); Martyrdom of Ignatius; Epistle to Diognetus; Pastor of Hermas; Papias; Spurious Epistles of Ignatius. One Volume. Justin Martyr; Athenagoras. One Volume. Tatian; Theophilus; The Clementine Recognitions. One Volume. Clement of Alexandria, comprising Exhortation to Heathen; The Instructor; and the Miscellanies. Two Volumes. Hippolytus, Volume First; Refutation of all Heresies, and Fragments from his Commentaries. Irenaeus, Volume First. Irenaeus (completion) and Hippolytus (completion); Fragments of Third Century. One Volume. Tertullian against Marcion. One Volume. Cyprian; The Epistles and Treatises; Novatian; Minucius Felix. Two Volumes. Origen: De Principiis; Letters; Treatise against Celsus; and Life of Origen. Two Volumes. Tertullian: To the Martyrs; Apology; To the Nations, etc. Three Volumes. Methodius; Alexander of Lycopolis; Peter of Alexandria Anatolius; Clement on Virginity; and Fragments. One Volume. Apocryphal Gospels, Acts, and Revelations; comprising all the very curious Apocryphal Writings of the first Three Centuries. One Volume. Clementine Homilies; Apostolical Constitutions. One Volume. Arnobius. One Volume. Gregory Thaumaturgus; Dionysius; Archelaus; Syrian Fragments. One Volume. Lactantius; together with the Testaments of the Twelve Patriarchs, and Fragments of the Second and Third Centuries. Two Volumes. Early Liturgies and Remaining Fragments. One Volume. 

N.B.----Additional Volume, containing 'RECENTLY DISCOVERED MSS.,' 4to (pp. 640), price 12s. 6d. net.


The Works of Aurelius Augustine, Bishop of Hippo. Edited by MARCUS DODS, D.D. In Fifteen Volumes, demy 8vo. Subscription Price £3, 19s. net.

Any Volume may be had separately, price 10s. 6d. 

The 'City of God.' Two Volumes. Writings in connection with the Donatist Controversy. One Volume. 

The Anti-Pelagian Works. Three Volumes. 

Treatises against Faustus the Manichaean. One Volume. 

On the Trinity. One Volume. 

Commentary on John. Two Volumes.

The Harmony of the Evangelists, and the Sermon on the Mount.
One Volume.

'Letters.' Two Volumes.

On Christian Doctrine, Enchiridion, on Catechising, and on Faith and the Creed. One Volume.

'Confessions.' With Copious Notes by Rev. J. G. PlLKINGTON.

'For the reproduction of the "City of God" in an admirable English garb we are greatly indebted to the well-directed enterprise and energy of Messrs. Clark, and to the accuracy and scholarship of those who have undertaken the laborious task of translation.'----Christian Observer.

N.B.----Messrs. CLARK offer a Selection of Four Volumes from either or both of those Series at the Subscription Price of One Guinea net (or a larger number at same proportion).


Recently Discovered Manuscripts, and ORIGEN'S COMMENTARIES ON MATTHEW AND JOHN. Being an Additional Volume to 'The Ante-Nicene Christian Library.' Edited by Professor ALLAN MENZIES, D.D., St. Andrews University. Containing: Gospel of Peter (by Professor ARMITAGE ROBINSON)----Diatessaron of Tatian----Apocalypse of Peter----Visio Pauli----Apocalypses of the Virgin and Sedrach----Testament of Abraham----Acts of Xanthippe and Polyxena ----Narrative of Zosimus----Apology of Aristides----Epistles of Clement (Complete Text)----Origen's Commentaries on Matthew and John, etc. In One Volume, 4to (pp. 540), price 12s. 6d. net. 

'It was a happy idea which occurred to the publishers of "The Ante-Nicene Library " to supplement that series with a volume containing translations of the more important discoveries of recent years. A judicious arrangement has been observed in grouping the recovered treasures. ... It has been compiled with great care, and the Introductions are short and to the point.'----Record.

The Testament of Our Lord. Translated into English from the Syriac, with Introduction and Notes, by JAMES COOPER, D.D., Prof. of Ecclesiastical History in Glasgow University; and the Right Rev. A. J. MACLEAN, D.D., Bishop of Moray and Ross. 8vo, 9s,

'In making the work known, the Editor has done considerable service to the study both of ecclesiastical history and of liturgy. It is a real service, which deserves the gratitude of scholars.'----Guardian.

The Testament possesses the special interest of being the production of the very period when the great transition in the Church's fortunes, from Imperial persecution to Imperial favour, was leading to the inevitable transformation of her buildings and her services to suit her altered circumstances. . . . The Testament reflects this state of things as a mirror. It vibrates, moreover, with the pulsation of the great controversies through which the Church was passing. The volume is thus far more than a mere antiquarian curiosity. It had a message to its own time; it has a message to all time, and very distinctly to the time now present. The Testament is also a veritable mine at once of devotional expression and liturgical lore.

A Dissertation on the Gospel Commentary of S. Ephraem the Syrian. With a Scriptural Index to his Works. By Rev. J. HAMLYN HILL, D.D. 8vo, price 7s. 6d. 

The BISHOP OF GLOUCESTER AND BRISTOL writes: ' This work forms a valuable appendix to Dr. Hill's English Version of the "Diatessaron." ... It is a monument of patient research and intelligent industry, which deserves very hearty recognition."

The Oldest Code of Laws in the World. The Code of Laws promulgated by HAMMURABI, King of Babylon, B.C. 2285-2242. Translated by C. H. W. JOHNS, M.A., Lecturer on Assyriology, Queens' College, Cambridge. Crown 8vo, 1s. 6d. net.

Pseudepigrapha: An Account of certain Apocryphal Sacred Writings of the Jews and early Christians. By Rev. WILLIAM J. DEANE, M.A., Rector of Ashen, Essex. In post 8vo, price 7s. 6d.

' It is the most complete book on the subject in the English language, and contains the most ample information on these writings. It is indispensable to every scholar who wishes to be acquainted with this class of literature, and should occupy a place in the library of every theologian.'----PATON J. GLOAG, D.D.

Hymns and Thoughts on Religion. By NOVALIS. With a Biographical Sketch. Translated and Edited by Prof. HASTIE, D.D., Glasgow University. Crown 8vo, price 4s. As a poet, Novalis is no less idealistic than as a philosopher. His poems are breathings of a high, devout soul."----CARLYLE.



Bible Studies. Contributions, chiefly from Papyri and Inscriptions, to the History of the Language, Literature, and Religion of Hellenistic Judaism and Primitive Christianity. Authorised Translation (incorporating Dr. DEISSMANN'S most recent changes and additions). 8vo, price 9s.

In every respect a notable book. . . . As to its value there can be no hesitation about the verdict. . . . Words, syntax, and ideas can all be tested over again by a completely new apparatus of study, the lexicon of the New Testament can be enriched, the grammar re-written, and the theology re-vivified and humanised.'----Dr. J. RENDEL HARRIS.

New Light on the New Testament. From Records of the Graeco-Roman Period. Crown 8vo, price 3s. net.

'The impartial reader must feel that this book fully justifies its title, as Prof. Deiss-mann is at the same time the pioneer and the most brilliant exponent of the branch of research which it represents.'----Christian World.


Old Testament Theology. The Religion of Revelation in its Pre-Christian Stage of Development. By Professor HERMANN SCHULTZ, D.D., Göttingen. Authorised English Translation by Professor J. A. PATERSON, D.D. Second Edition. In Two Volumes, 8vo, price 18s. net.

'The book will be read with pleasure, and, it need not be said, with profit, not only by professional students, but by all intelligent persons who have an interest in the Old Testament. . . Though externally popular and of singular literary finish, the author's work within is a laborious and able study of the whole subject.'----Professor A. B. DAVIDSON, D.D.


The Truth of the Christian Religion. By Professor JULIUS KAFTAN, Berlin. Translated from the German, under the Author's supervision, by G. FERRIES, D.D. With a Prefatory Note by Professor FLINT, D.D. In Two Volumes, 8vo, price 16s. net.

'Quite apart from the immediate question of obtaining a knowledge of the Ritschlian theology at first hand, these volumes are welcome. For Kaftan is no imitator, but a fertile and able writer. In the near future his view of theology, its essence and its accidents, will exercise a deep influence in our land.'----Expository Times.



Greek-English Lexicon of the New Testament, being Grimm's Wilke's Clavis Novi Testamenti. Translated, Revised, and Enlarged by Professor JOSEPH HENRY THAYER, D.D., Harvard University. Fourth Edition. Demy 4to, price 36s. 'The best New Testament Greek Lexicon. . . . It is a treasury of the results of exact scholarship.'----BISHOP WESTCOTT.

'An excellent book, the value of which for English students will, I feel sure, be best appreciated by those who use it most carefully.'----Professor F. J. A. HORT, D.D.

'This work has been eagerly looked for. . . . The result is an excellent book, which I do not doubt will be the best in the field for many years to come.'----Professor W. SANDAY, D.D., in the Academy.

'Undoubtedly the best of its kind. Beautifully printed and well translated, ... it will be prized by students of the Christian Scriptures.'----Athenaeum.


Biblico-Theological Lexicon of New Testament Greek. By Professor HERMANN CREMER, D.D. Translated by W. URWICK, M.A. Fourth Edition, with SUPPLEMENT. In demy 4to, price 38s.

This Lexicon deals with words whose meaning In the Classics is modified or changed in Scripture, words which have become the bases and watchwords of Christian theology, tracing their history in their transference from the Classics into the LXX, and from the LXX into the New Testament, and the gradual deepening and elevation of their meaning till they reach the fulness of New Testament thought.

'It gives with care and thoroughness a complete history, as far as it goes, of each word and phrase that it deals with. . . . Dr. Cremer's explanations are most lucidly set out'---- Guardian.

'It is hardly possible to exaggerate the value of this work to the student of the Greek Testament.'----Church Bells.

'We cannot find an important word in our Greek New Testament which is not discussed with a fulness and discrimination which leaves nothing to be desired.'----Nonconformist.

The Growth of Christian Faith. By Rev. GEORGE FERRIES, D.D., Cluny. 8vo, 7s. 6d. net.

SUMMARY OF CONTENTS:----Part I. THE PREPARATION FOR RELIGION. Part II. RELIGION AS AN ESTABLISHED FACT OF LIFE. Part III. FORGIVENESS THROUGH CHRIST. Part IV. HISTORICAL. Part V. DEVELOPMENT OF RESULTS. 'We know of no work in English exactly like it. ... The whole of this rich and fertile work demands, and we think will receive, close attention. Dr. Ferries in writing it has conferred a great benefit upon all open-minded lovers of Christian truth.'----Christian World.

The Fatherhood of God in Christian Truth and Life. By the Rev. J. SCOTT LIDGETT, M.A., Warden of Bermondsey Settlement. 8vo, 8s. net.

This book is an attempt to establish the Fatherhood of God as the determining fact of Christian life and the determining principle of Christian Theology. Among the subjects dealt with are; The New Testament Doctrine of the Fatherhood of God. Place in New Testament Theology. The Relation of the Old Testament Doctrine to the Fatherhood of God. The Doctrine in Church History. Validity and Content. Manifestation.

'Every reader will own the masterly skill with which Mr. Lidgett handles his subject, the breadth of his reasoning, the wide knowledge which he brings to bear on every page of his work, and the zeal which fuses and transfuses the whole.'----Methodist Recorder.

' A valuable contribution to the study of a very great doctrine.'----Guardian.

A Handbook of Christian Ethics. By Professor J. CLARK

MURRAY, LL.D., Montreal. Post 8vo, price 6s. net. 'This is distinctly the best handbook with which we are acquainted. It is the work of an experienced teacher, a ripe scholar, and a profound thinker. . . . We have come to the conclusion from a careful perusal of the book, and from a comparison of it with Other books on the same subject, that it is the best we know.'----Aberdeen Free Press



VOLUMES ONE, TWO, AND THREE                                                 NOW READY






THE purpose of this Encyclopaedia is to give a complete account of Religion and Ethics so far as they are known. It will contain articles on every separate religious belief and practice, and on every ethical or philosophical idea and custom. Persons and places that have contributed to the History of religion and morals will also be described.

The Encyclopaedia will cover a distinct department of knowledge. It is the department which has always exercised the greatest influence over men's lives, and its interest at least, if not its influence, is probably greater at the present time than ever. Within the scope of ' Religion and Ethics' come all the questions that are most keenly debated in PSYCHOLOGY and in SOCIALISM, while the title will be used to embrace the whole of THEOLOGY and PHILOSOPHY. Ethics and Morality will be handled as thoroughly as religion.

It is estimated that the work will be completed in Ten Volumes of about 900 pages each, size 11 1/2 by 9.


In Cloth Binding . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 28s. net per volume. 

In Half-Morocco. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 34s. net per volume.


The full Prospectus may be had from any bookseller, or from the Publishers, on request.

'The general result of our examination enables us to say that the editor has risen to the height of his great undertaking. The work deserves the fullest and best encouragement which the world of readers and investigators can give it.'----Athenaeum.

'A very warm tribute is due to the eminent publishers, Messrs. T. & T. Clark. They have done their part to admiration. No handier or more handsome encyclopedia exists. It is well printed, well bound, and very light in the hand. Those who know the immense risk and pains involved in a work of this kind will know how to estimate the services of Messrs. Clark in what is, we think, the boldest and most enterprising venture in religious literature which has ever been undertaken in this country. We wish them all the success they deserve, and that success should be very great. The services of Dr. Hastings and his loyal colleague Dr. Selbie demand an acknowledgment not less ample. . . . The scope of this encyclopaedia is immense, and as for the quality of the articles, the list of the contributors proves that it is in general very high.

'It will be one of the most reassuring and encouraging signs of the times if this great and magnificent enterprise receives adequate encouragement and recognition."----British Weekly.

'No library could be better provided with what men have said and thought through the ages on Religion and Ethics and all they imply than by this one library in itself. . . . Some of the articles themselves summarise a whole literature.'----Public Opinion.


SOMETHING ENTIRELY NEW.                                                       NEVER ATTEMPTED BEFORE.

'A triumphant and unqualified success. Indispensable to ministers and Bible tudents.'----Sir W. ROBERTSON NICOLL, LL.D.



Edited by J. HASTINGS, D.D.

Price per Vol., in cloth binding, 21s. net; in half-morocco, gilt top, 26s. net.

The purpose of this Dictionary is to give an account of everything that relates to CHRIST----His Person, Life, Work, and Teaching.

It is first of all a preacher's Dictionary. Its authors are preachers as well as scholars.

The articles are not entirely limited to the Bible, but gather together whatever touches Christ in all the history and experience of the Church.

It is called a DICTIONARY OP CHRIST AND THE GOSPELS, because it includes everything that the Gospels contain, whether directly related to CHRIST or not. Its range, however, is far greater than that of the Gospels. It seeks to cover all that relates to Christ throughout the Bible and in the life and literature of the world. There are articles on the Patristic estimate of Jesus, the Mediaeval estimate, the Reformation and Modern estimates. There are articles on Christ in the Jewish writings and in the Muslim literature. Much attention has been given to modern thought, whether Christian or anti-Christian. Every aspect of modern life, in so far as it touches or is touched by Christ, is described under its proper title.

It will be found that the contents of the Gospels, especially their spiritual contents, have never before been so thoroughly investigated and set forth.

'The present volume worthily completes a unique work. The articles are rich in instruction and helpfulness to preachers and teachers. Even those who have the "Bible Dictionary" proper will not find this one superfluous, and to those who do not need the larger one, the present one will prove an excellent substitute.'----London Quarterly Review.

'The preacher's purpose is better served than it has ever been before.'----Times.

'A scholarly production, edited with admirable skill.'----Christian World.

'Valuable for all scholars and students, it should prove invaluable for the preacher. ----Methodist Times.

'No more useful present could be made to a young clergyman than a copy of this admirable work. The articles are by competent and scholarly writers, and are full of information and suggestiveness.'----Guardian.

'Invaluable to preachers and teachers, and ought to be in constant use.'----Churchman,

A full Prospectus, with specimen pages, may be had from any bookseller, or free from the Publishers on application.

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