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Kenneth Sylvan Guthrie.  The works of Porphyry

* = extant works

(?) = questionable attribution


Philosophical Commentaries

A. On Aristotle

*1. Isagoge of Porphyry the Phoenician, the Pupil of Plotinus the Lycopolitan (sometimes entitled Concerning Five Sounds).

*2. Question and Answer to the Aristotelian Categories.

3. On the Aristotelian Categories "in Seven Books . . . Dedicated to Gedaleios."

4. On Aristotle's Book On Interpretation.

5. Introduction to the Categories of Syllogism.

6. Commentary on The Physics.

7. Commentary on Volume 30 of The Metaphysics.

8. Commentary on The Ethics.

9.  (Explanation of the Theology of Aristotle.)

B. On Theophrastus (?) 

10. Commentary on Concerning Affirmation and Negation.

C. On Plato

11. Commentary on The Cratylus.

12. Commentary on The Sophist.

(?) 13. Commentary on The Parmenides. 

14. Commentary on The Timaeus.

15. Commentary on The Philebus.

16. Concerning Love in The Symposium.

17. Commentary on The Phaedo.

18. Commentary on The Republic.

19. A Study on a Writing of Eubulus On Some Platonic Questions.

D. On Plotinus

20. Commentary on The Enneads.

History and Biographies

21. History of Philosophy in Four Books.

*22. Life of Pythagoras (an extract from the first volume of the History of Philosophy).

*23. Concerning the Life of Plotinus and the Order of his Books.


24. That the Object of Thought Exists Outside the Intellect (and a response to the refutation of this by Amelius).

25.  Against Dividing the Intelligible Object from the Intellect

*26. Launching Points to the Realm of Mind. (Entrance to the Realm of Mind in Codex V).

27. Two Books Concerning Principles.

28.  One Book Entitled Elements.

29.  On Incorporeals.

30.  200 Books On Matter.

31.  Concerning the Difference between Plato and Aristotle (To Chrusaorius).

32.  Seven Books Concerning that the Philosophical System of Plato and Aristotle is One. (Some believe that this work is different from the one above.)


33. Against Aristotle, Concerning that the Soul is a Complete Reality.

34. Five Books Concerning the Soul, Against Boethos. 

35. Concerning the Powers of the Soul. (?) 

36. Concerning Sleep and Wakefulness. 

37. Concerning Sense-Perception. 

*38. To Gauros Concerning the Way in which foetuses are Animated.


39.  Concerning that which is Above Us (To Chrusacrius).

40.  Four Books Concerning the Phrase "Know thyself" (To Iamblichus).

*41. Four Books Concerning Abstinence from Animal Food.

*42. Letter to Marcella.

43.  The Argument Against Nemertios.

44. On the Return of the Soul.

45.   Ten Books Concerning the Aid for Kings from Homer.

Philosophical Interpretation of Myths and Cults.

Various Tracts on Religious Philosophy.

46. Concerning Philosophy from Oracles.

47. Concerning Cult Images.

48. One Book Concerning Divine Names. 

*49. A letter of Porphyry to Anebo.

50.  To the Followers of Julian the Chaldean.

51. Concerning the Philosophy of Homer.

*52. Concerning the Cave of the Nymphs in the Odyssey.

53. Concerning the River Styx.

54. Fifteen Arguments Against the Christians.

55. Against an Alleged Book of Zoroaster.

Rhetorical and Grammatical

56.  Five Books on the History of Philology.

57. A Philological Lecture.

58.  Homeric Questions.

59. Concerning the Names Having Been Omitted by the Poet.

60.  Grammatical Questions.

61.  Concerning the Sources of the Nile According to Pindar.

62.  In Regard to the Introduction of Thucydides.

63.  Seven Books to Aristides. 64. On the Skill of Minoukianos.

65. A Treatise Concerning Positions.

66. A Collection of Rhetorical Questions.

*67. Concerning Prosody (modulation in pitch).

Various Scientific Tracts; Poems and Letters

68. Annals: From the Sack of Troy to Claudius II.

*69. On the Harmonics of Ptolemy.

*70. An Introduction to The Astronomy of Ptolemy.

71. An Introduction to Astronomy, in Three Books.

72.  How Multiplicity Depends on Number:..

73.  Seven Books of Miscellaneous Questions,

74. The Holy Marriage (a poem given on the celebration of the birth of Plato).

75.  A Letter to Longinus.

76.  The Sun.

77.  Concerning that which Hinders Writers on the Art of Rhetoric.

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