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Sidonius Apollinaris, Letters. Tr. O.M. Dalton (1915) pp. clvi-clix; Bibliography



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The two important critical texts are the Teubner text, edited by Mohr, and that of Lütjohann, Löwe, and Mommsen: viz.:—

C. Sollius Apollinaris Sidonius, recensuit Paulus Mohr. Leipzig, 1895.

C. Sollii Apollinaris Sidonii Epistulae et Carmina, recensuit et emendavit C. Lütjohann. [Completed by F. Löwe and Th. Mommsen, who contribute the preface. The Praefatio of Mommsen, dealing with the life, &c., of Sidonius, is important.]

Among texts of less value not already noted in the bibliography may be mentioned that printed by J. P. Migne in his Patrologiae Cursus Completus, Latin Series, vol. xviii, 1844; Sidonius is included in J. M. Nisard's Collection des auteurs latins, 1850; in the Bibliotheca Veterum Patrum of A. Gallandius, vol. x, 1765; in P. Amati's Collectio Pisaurensis, &c., vol. vi, 1766. The Corpus omnium Poetarum Latinorum, 1627, and the Chorus Poetarum Classicorum duplex, &c., pt. I, 1616, include the Poems.

The sixteenth century produced the texts of J. de Wouweren, with notes by Wouweren and P. Colvius, Paris and Lyons, 1598; E. Vinetus, Lyons, 1552; G. P. Pio, Basel, 1542.

To the fifteenth century belong an imperfect text with Pio's commentary, produced at Milan in 1498; and an edition issued at Utrecht by N. Ketelaer and G. de Leempt in 1473 (?).


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