Texts from Mount Sinai: preface to the online edition 

During the 1890s, a series of apocryphal or fictional texts from Mount Sinai were edited, translated into English and published as a series, Studia Sinaitica.  The editor was Margaret Dunlop Gibson (1843-1920), who with Agnes Lewis had uncovered these texts.  

The texts are fictional narratives of the lives of apostles and saints.  Frequently more than one version exists, in one language or another.  Studia Sinaitica 5 contains the following material in English, as well as editions of the texts:

At the moment, only one of the Arabic epitomes of the Recognitions of Clement has been placed online: it is hoped to add more.  The text was scanned and corrected by Renardo68, who sent it to me, and then proofed against the printed text by myself.  Errors are of course my responsibility.

Roger Pearse
25th February 2003


Margaret Dunlop GIBSON, Apocrypha Sinaitica, Studia Sinaitica 5.  London: C.J.Clay / Cambridge University Press (1896). xx, 66, 81 p., 1 : 4 facsim. (incl. front.) ; 26cm.  

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