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The tiny amount of solid, useful information online about Syriac writers is lamentable. This is particularly so for those new to Syriac studies who have no idea what writers exist or when they wrote. Brock's Brief Outline of Syriac Literature (1997) is unbelievably difficult to obtain; Wright's History of Syriac Literature is a mess as a guide for the newcomer and is over a century old, although readily accessible through Gorgias Press. A new guide is desperately needed in print; still more on the web. On the other hand I really do not have the time to run another project.

This site is currently really just a scratch-pad for my own use, into which I can type data at odd moments. Originally I set it such that only users with accounts could edit, and only I could create accounts. However I have altered this. Please do not register or edit, however, unless you are interested in Syriac Studies. This is not intended as a copy of Wikipedia, for instance. By all means write to me at roger.pearse@googlemail.com if you require clarification.

Material on these pages should not copied unless permission to reproduce is given, as it may belong to others.